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Property Law and Development Projects

  • Drafting contract documents for all kinds of real estate transactions (sale, purchase, lease), including the relating documentation laying down the terms and conditions of real estate transaction financing;
  • Legal advice in respect of all types of securities related to property transfers (charge, easement, mortgage), including the relevant contract documents;
  • Representing clients in negotiations and in proceedings before cadastral and planning authorities and other public administration authorities;
  • Analysis of the legal status of the property, including recommendations for further steps to take in the subsequent purchase/sale/lease of the property, reflecting the results of the analysis;
  • Full legal services in the carrying out of major development projects, and brown-field and revitalisation projects, and in the construction and operation of shopping centres, in particular as regards detailed contractual arrangements for construction and the financing and subsequent operation of the completed properties;
  • All-round legal advice on specific administrative proceedings, ranging from land use planning and amendments to land use plans, preparation of designs and related documents, through to obtaining the administrative authorities’ opinions required for the issue of the relevant zoning decision, the building permit and, finally, the occupancy permit, at all times taking into account all requirements of the laws and regulations covering environmental protection.