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Labour Law


  • Drafting of employment contracts and managers’ service contracts; issues related to remuneration and reimbursements for employees;
  • Assisting in collective bargaining and in dealing with trade unions; arrangements for collective agreements;
  • Advice on the employment of foreign nationals, obtaining work permits and residency permits;
  • Assistance with changes of employment, employee secondment to different employers, and employment through labour agencies;
  • Assistance during the termination of employment, redundancies, and collective lay-offs; representation if disputes under the labour law arise as a consequence;
  • Drafting internal instructions and regulations governing occupational health and safety, work regulations, and other internal regulations;
  • Advice on issues such as liability for damage, and occupational injuries and diseases, and advice on the provision of occupational medicine services;
  • Advice and representation in dealings with Státní úřad inspekce práce [National Labour Inspection Office], Úřad práce ČR [Labour Office of the Czech Republic], public health offices, and other public authorities.