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  • Drafting all the documents related to the restructuring, including share purchase agreements and asset transfer agreements, and the documents for the legal conversion of the companies involved;
  • Assistance with the preparation of general meetings and resolutions of the governing bodies that decide in the restructuring process;
  • Advice to creditors in all phases of insolvency proceedings and representing them in related disputes and proceedings;
  • Representing creditors at creditors’ bodies and in dealings with the debtors on ways to address insolvency;
  • Advice to debtors on the filing of insolvency petitions and on the ways to address their insolvency;
  • Advice to debtors on reorganisation and the structuring of the reorganisation plan;
  • Advice consisting in a comprehensive assessment of a contemplated restructuring and suggesting the optimum solution in legal and economic terms;
  • Debtor’s representation in related secondary disputes and other disputes.

Insolvency Practitioners

  • Satisfaction of creditors to the maximum extent possible with regard to the capabilities of the insolvent entity;
  • Co-operation with creditors and participation in dealings with them;
  • Efficient management of the assets and their subsequent sale;
  • Conclusion of loan and other agreements.