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Company Law

  • Establishing all types of commercial companies (including the European types of companies), drafting foundation documents, obtaining trade licences and other business licences, arranging registrations in the Companies Registers;
  • Optimising the governance and management of companies; general meetings, corporate officers’ service agreements, competences of boards of directors and supervisory boards; and other services in the field of corporate governance;
  • Issues related to business groups, relations between controlled and controlling parties, reports on relationships between related parties and reviews thereof; controlling agreements;
  • Commercial company transformations, mergers and acquisitions, establishing joint ventures.

Securities Law

  • Legal assistance with security issues;
  • Consultations in the field of the law of bills of exchange and cheques and other types of securities;
  • Advice on trading in securities and derivatives, including the use thereof as a security;
  • Law of investment companies and investment funds;
  • Representation in proceedings before the Czech National Bank.

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)

  • Consultations on all types of corporate transformations (mergers by absorption, mergers by formation of a new company, division; transfer of all assets and liabilities to a member; change of legal form) and the piecemeal sale of assets, parts of enterprise, etc.;
  • Preparing an adequate form and structure of the whole transaction with regard to the legal aspects as well as taxation and economics;
  • Drafting all transaction documents, including discussion thereof with transaction partners;
  • Preparing and holding of the general meetings that decide on the transformation;
  • Legal due diligence.