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Attorney at law

„Through provision of legal assistance, the bar constitutes an irreplaceable institution in the protection of both citizens and juristic persons. This is one of the most important prerequisites for the State to function properly and for boosting individuals’ confidence that justice will be served. He regards participation in this process as the foremost and venerable mission of every solicitor. “

  • Specialization
    Civil law, civil procedure, commercial law
  • Contacts
    e-mail: ceska@akccs.cz


Zdeněk Češka specialises primarily in various aspects of civil procedure. He co-authored the original wording of the draft of the civil procedure rules of 1963 and helped to draw up a number of other laws and regulations. His earlier work outside the bar is associated with Charles University in Prague, where he started his professional career. At its Faculty of Law, he also served as a Vice-Dean and later as the Dean. In 1973 he became this University’s Vice-Rector and in 1976 its Rector, spending 14 years in this position. He was elected for a five-year term as one of the two Vice-Presidents of the International Association of Universities, the world’s largest organisation of higher education institutions, in Los Angeles in 1985. He has authored or co-authored many textbooks, commentaries on the Civil Procedure Rules and on the Civil Code, and a number of legal books and papers.

Besides serving as Vice-Rector, Zdeněk Češka held the position of the Director of Ústav státu a práva ČSAV [the Institute of State and Law of the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences]. Later, as Charles University’s Rector, he was appointed to the Presidium of the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences. Four international universities have graced Professor Češka by awarding him honorary doctorates. He has received a gold medal from Charles University and a silver medal in recognition of his merits for science and mankind from the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences.

Most interesting cases

Representing Komerční banka in its dispute with the Czech Ministry of Finance.

Representing Billa in its dispute with the Office for the Protection of Competition, which they also won.

Representing Richard Belcredi in a long dispute with Národní památkový ústav [the National Heritage Institute].

Zdeněk Češka and culture

His lifelong interests include literature and theatre, especially opera. In the 1980s, he served on the Council of the National Theatre. He has also engaged in various sports, above all tennis at a competitive level. 


English, German, Russian


Our Team

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