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"Thanks to working at a university and his status as a solicitor or arbitrator, he takes a much more flexible view of problems, which is not only inspiring in intellectual terms but also very useful in practical terms. "

  • Specialization
    Commercial law, public regulation of business, competition law, contract law
  • Contacts
    e-mail: bejcek@akccs.cz


Josef Bejček focuses mainly on commercial law and on regulatory, competition and contract issues. He is primarily an academic, but regards his solicitor’s and arbitral practice as an inseparable and inspirational feedback. He heads the Department of Commercial Law of Masaryk University’s Faculty of Law, at which he has served as the Dean for two terms in office. He has worked on a number of legislative commissions that drafted legislation such as the civil code, the commercial code, the law on the protection of competition and the law on public procurement, has authored several hundred articles and a number of textbooks and books on law, and spent quite some time on long-term study abroad programmes. 

Most interesting cases

Serving as the Czech Republic’s expert in several arbitrations, which, as he says, have inspired him in both academic and personal terms. The reason is that he could, in particular, watch the precise nature of preparations made by his American colleagues and their exemplary professional commitment in favour of the client.

Working on books on M&A control, cartel law, and the principle of equality and protection for the weaker party in business. “I think I have gained a rather detailed insight into these issues and interlinked my academic background with a practical view,” he says. 

Josef Bejček and culture

Without a wide cultural background, even a formally educated person is in fact poor. Music fascinates him, and literature and visual art attract him. He is repeatedly serving on the Board of Directors of Leoš Janáček Foundation.


English, German, Russian