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Legal team leader, solicitor

"A solicitor is the one to whom the others listen and from whom they expect advice in almost any situation in life. This makes solicitors very responsible for the words they say and the acts they do even when they are not saying or doing them under the solicitor’s hat. "

  • Specialization
    Company law, public contracts, strategic advice to managements, tax law, real estate
  • Contacts
    e-mail: kyral@akccs.cz


Roman Kyral most frequently accompanies his clients when they are deciding on how to set up their structure and relationships (corporate law), in the process of tendering for contracts or selecting suppliers (public contracts and concessions), when they are deciding on how to proceed correctly in terms of fiduciary care etc. (strategic advice to managements), in their relations with the tax authorities (tax law) and in claiming damages (criminal law). Real estate and development law is an equally interesting field that he covers together with his team, which mainly focuses on corporations. He has graduated from Charles University’s Faculty of Law in Prague.

Most interesting cases

Advising a client on the acquisition of a major sports club and its subsequent restructuring and management.

Defending a prospering manufacturing company against steps taken by the tax authority and criminal procedure authorities, which could have caused its insolvency and dissolution.

Representing a client in proceedings before the competent administrative authorities in connection with the construction of a major transport project.

In general, the most interesting cases are those that look completely hopeless but in the end are turned around completely. These are typically cases where the client submits entirely to the solicitor’s hands and lets the solicitor guide him on the path staked out by the former. These also frequently are the most challenging cases, which are based on the client’s trust and the whole team’s high expertise and maximum commitment. 

Roman Kyral and culture

Culture is a means for preserving the national identity and realising who our predecessors were, who we are, and where we live. He therefore believes that culture should be affordable and available for the broadest possible circles of people, and this is also the approach to support it. Perhaps the years spent at the grammar school in the town of F. L. Věk have left this feeling in him; after all, among the host of events he highlights the Dobruška music festival, which also hosts artists of international acclaim.