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Legal team leader, solicitor

"Being a solicitor is, to a certain extent, a lifestyle. Solicitors must be constantly on guard and ready to address clients’ problems so that they can focus on and fully apply themselves to their clients’ business or other activities. "

  • Specialization
    Litigation, civil law, commercial law, petrochemical law, administrative law, criminal law
  • Contacts
    e-mail: duskova@akccs.cz


Nikol Dušková graduated from Charles University’s Faculty of Law in Prague. When still at the Faculty, she spent one year on a study abroad programme at Université Panthéon-Sorbonne – Paris 1. Since her student years, she has been relying on Císař, Češka, Smutný for backing in legal services; as she says, she has gained all of her experience and valuable advice at this firm.

Most interesting cases

Representing an important strategic company, defending it in legal disputes in which the company faces unwarranted claims of fictitious debts.

Representing a major supplier of steel bridge structures and equipment, defending it in a legal dispute over a capital construction project; in the dispute, the supplier claims several tens of millions of crowns from the contracting authority (a self-governing region).

Legal advice on capital construction and FIDIC terms.

Nikol Dušková and culture

Culture is an indispensable part of life, whatever we understand under the term: art, music, or the cultural diversity of mankind. It refines, enriches and develops human values. 


French, English