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Legal team leader

"The solicitor makes it easier for the client to walk down the path on which he has set out. In doing so, solicitors must suppress their ego and argue from the perspective of the client, whose needs have to be viewed in practical terms. The same as with doctors – nobody expects their doctor to explain the theoretical options of treatment to them, but to actually heal them. "

  • Specialization
    Public procurement, company law, the water industry, non-business juristic persons (foundations, associations, institutes)
  • Contacts
    e-mail: sverepova@akccs.cz


Kateřina Šveřepová’s specialisation is predetermined to a large extent by the group of clients placed in her care, largely commercial companies in public ownership; these are compelled to operate efficiently in a market environment while complying with a number of rules and restrictions under public law. Kateřina Šveřepová therefore focuses on company law, public procurement, management of the government’s funds, and competition. One specific sector that she has been covering since she joined our firm is the water industry.

Kateřina Šveřepová graduated from Charles University’s Faculty of Law in Prague, and then spent one term on a study and work programme in Washington, D.C.; during her professional career she has provided legal advice in a wide array of disciplines ranging from labour law to criminal law.

Most interesting cases

Administering an above-threshold public contract for construction work concerning major infrastructural assets.

Providing comprehensive legal advice to a client in a complex case of unpermitted public aid.

Providing legal advice in criminal proceedings related to major economic cases.

Successful completion of several challenging processes to check clients’ uncertain position from the perspective of the law on public procurement, requiring to take into account, among other things, their operation within a special and complex group structure.


English, German