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Partner and Attorney at law

"The solicitor’s work does not consist only in finding legal solutions to problems, since there are always multiple solutions. What is essential is the ability to select the appropriate and right solution for the client. There is usually only one such solution. "

  • Specialization
    Banking law, competition, EU law
  • Contacts
    e-mail: sura@akccs.cz


Jan Sůra and his team are responsible for clients in highly regulated sectors, in particular banking. This specialisation primarily requires detailed knowledge of the regulatory rules, but also rules on the protection of competition, including the broader European landscape. However, knowledge of law must also be accompanied by good orientation in the market environment in which the client operates, including the workings of and the latest trends in such environment.

Following graduation from Charles University’s Faculty of Law in Prague, Jan Sůra joined our firm to cover real estate projects and to provide advice to municipal clients. He also worked at a partner lobby group in Brussels, where he enabled clients’ direct contact with the EU authorities. 

Most interesting cases

He says that he has been fortunate enough to work only on very interesting projects at our firm so far.In addition, the firm takes a comprehensive approach to cases and Jan Sůra therefore has opportunities to work with a number of prominent experts in fields other than law. Thus, it is difficult to pick one specific, most interesting case, but he feels joy over things such as the firm’s ability to defend banks, on a long-term basis, against frequent attacks from the outside.

Jan Sůra and culture

He has wanted to be a painter since his childhood. He therefore attended an art school for ten years, learning theory of art plus a broad range of visual art techniques. Although he later deserted art to engage in what frequently is a dry and technical legal profession, his love of visual art has not left him and he tries to transfer it to everyday work. To wit, culture, just like law, mirrors people’s values and rules of conduct, and knowledge thereof constitutes a significant added value for clients as well as a competitive advantage. 


English, Spanish

Our Team

The management of our law firm includes experts with extensive experience. They head specialised teams that are set up to meet the specific requirements of each of our clients and their cases.