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Legal team leader, solicitor

“What the bar primarily implies to me is the responsibility to the client arising from the established trust. It is a bond, which demands unwavering commitment and focus by the solicitor so that together they may find conceivable solution, which considers legal but also socio-economic factors of particular case.”

  • Specialization
    Litigation, Administrative Law, Representing clients in administrative proceedings, Transport Law, Law of Local Government
  • Contacts
    e-mail: busova@akccs.cz


A graduate of Charles University’s Faculty of Law in Prague, she decided to work at CÍSAŘ, ČEŠKA, SMUTNÝ immediately after finishing her studies as a Junior Associate. Most of her experience was acquired from her more senior colleagues. Focus of her work is representing clients in court, administrative and other proceedings, real estate law, contractual law, law of local government and transport law. Furthermore, she has an active record of professional publications on topics of public administration and civil law.


Representing a client in a multimillion dispute over service contract agreement.

Representing a client in a dispute over invalidated contract regarding the assignment of the remainder interest totalling estimated value of several hundred million CZK.

Representing a client before the Financial Administration for violation of budgetary discipline, where the potential fines amounted to several million CZK.

Representing a significant client in dispute over removal of allegedly illegal placement of advertisement.

Representing a strategic client in criminal proceedings in the role of a victim in a case that received broad media coverage.

Extensive legal consultation in the field of government subsidies.


Raised in Slovácko region in south-eastern part of the Czech Republic, where the tradition of local folklore and folk arts stands strong and honoured to this day. During her childhood and on she was interested in dance and singing in folklore bands but also in rock bands. Yet she is a big admirer of classical music too. “Culture is a fabric of our life. It accompanies us in both prosperous and less fortunate times. It teaches us and inspires us to do more and better. Our cultural heritage has to be honoured, protected and developed for future generations.”


English, German