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Managing partner

„The bar is one of the paramount professions that make modern society run.“

  • Specialization
    Civil law, commercial law, international investment relations
  • Contacts
    e-mail: smutny@akccs.cz


Pavel Smutný specialises in commercial law and international investment relations in his practice. He is not only a solicitor; he also serves as the President of the Czech-Israeli Chamber of Commerce and the President of the BOHEMIAN HERITAGE FUND, and is also a member of several other international chambers of commerce. Having graduated from Charles University’s Faculty of Law in Prague, he spent some time on a study abroad programme at the Sorbonne in Paris. In the past, he held an external expert position in OECD’s New Democracy programme

Most interesting cases

The Kubice Report. Beginnings of the very unpropitious penetration of police methods into politics and interventions with citizens’ free elections. As early as then, the dangers of this method, the defencelessness of democratic politicians and the strong possibility of rigging public opinion became evident. These methods have been flourishing to this day and are some of the deadliest diseases of democratic societies.

Israeli investments in the Czech Republic, support for Czech exports, and scientific and research cooperation between the Czech Republic and Israel.

Endeavours to revive the success of the Czech Republic and Czech genius in the world. Pavel Smutný supports the cooperation between Czech firms and their international partners, taking into account one crucial aspect: In 2004, the Czech Republic joined the European Union upon the will of the State, but now the will of its citizens and major economic and cultural players has to be redefined.


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