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Attorney at law

"Solicitors’ services entail work that is really meaningful."

  • Specialization
    Insolvency law, commercial law, civil law
  • Contacts
    e-mail: rehacek@akccs.cz


Oldřich Řeháček practices insolvency, commercial and civil law. He graduated from Charles University’s Faculty of Law and received his doctorate there. He is not only a solicitor but also an insolvency administrator and he also serves on the Legislative Commission of Charles University’s Academic Senate and as the Vice-Chairman of Charles University’s Dormitories and Refectories Board. He has taught at Charles University’s Faculty of Law in Prague and at the University of Economics and Management. He publishes on a regular basis. 

Most interesting cases

The SAZKA insolvency proceedings.

Defence against vexatious insolvency petitions, for example, ČEPRO.


English, Spanish