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At CÍSAŘ, ČEŠKA, SMUTNÝ, the door is always open to talented lawyers. Whether you are a law student or an experienced lawyer, we would be happy to meet you and talk about the possibility of working together.

The way we work at CÍSAŘ, ČEŠKA, SMUTNÝ marks us out from other large firms in many respects. First and foremost, instead of organising our legal teams – of which there are currently six – according to the various branches of the law, we organise them according to the sectors in which our clients operate, the main ones being transport, financial services, energy, water, chemicals, automotive and the public sector.

An in-depth knowledge of these sectors allows us to maximize our competence in the provision of legal services. As our lawyers enjoy long-term relationships with clients, they gain a highly detailed understanding of the background to their cases, which may often encompass complex legal, technical and economic issues.

New members of the firm take some time to become well acquainted with new projects. That is why we strive for long-term relationships with all our staff.

Our lawyers have expert knowledge of public procurement, competition law, restructuring and insolvency law, compliance, mergers and acquisitions, trust funds and transaction advisory services. However, this does not mean you have to be a fully-fledged expert to get through the door. What we do expect is a willingness to learn, as the cases we handle are usually unique, and often unprecedented.

  • We would be happy to welcome new colleagues to the firm in the following positions

  • Legal assistant

    If you are a law student, we can offer an exceptional opportunity for you to launch your career. Your work will mainly cover legal research, i.e. looking for answers to legal questions that will be appropriate to your given year of study. The students are full members of their legal teams and work alongside team-mates on all cases. We make sure that all legal assistants understand what they are working on and why, because only then can they achieve the best outcomes. Feedback forms a natural part of the work, and it is provided in regular half-yearly evaluation sessions, in addition to the immediate feedback that follows delivery of a piece of work to the client.

    To avoid leaving you alone with all this, you will be guided by one of our lawyers or trainees, who will act as a sponsor for your development.

  • Junior associate

    Our legal trainees (articling lawyers) gain experience that covers every aspect of their future role as lawyers. This starts with full involvement in communications with clients, which gives you an immediate idea of your assignment and of the options for delegating simpler research tasks to legal assistants. The main added value is the constant coordination and guidance from our experienced lawyers, most of whom have worked their way up from trainee or even student positions. You will play a role in determining the strategy for individual cases, as well as their subsequent handling. It is no coincidence that our trainees enjoy success rates of close to 100% in their bar exams.

  • Lawyer

    The main role of our lawyers is to provide guidance to trainees and other team members. The lawyers jointly manage their caseloads from a legal and strategic perspective, working together with the firm’s management to this end.

  • If you are interested in working with us, send your CV to the firm’s CEO, Filip Drnec, at drnec@akccs.cz.