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“Strategic decisions cannot be made without a legal foundation today.”
Jaromír Císař

A high level of expertise and deep insight into the issue at hand are prerequisites for providing the best service. Expertise and professionalism, accompanied by academics, teaching and publication: these are our law office’s key managing principles.


“We create individualised designs with our clients.”
Petr Michal

For the benefit of our clients, we look for solutions that are not based on preconceived notions; rather, our solutions accurately reflect the interests of the client, although this approach may appear to be quite unusual at the first sight. Our well-oiled intergenerational team synthesises extensive experience and traditions with a young, fresh and unprejudiced perspective. Creative and novel solutions then emerge from this synthesis. Looking for innovative paths towards protecting clients’ interests – this too is a dimension that makes a difference.


“We provide clients with the right, i.e. comprehensive services.”
Pavel Smutný

We offer our clients efficient, expedited and exhaustive solutions. We always emphasise the speed and quality of our work, but not at random – we always tailor our approach to the needs and interests of our client.


“A personalised approach to our clients is a keystone to the dimension that makes our services so outstanding.”
Roman Kyral

From the very beginning of our relationship with a client, we shape his unique strategies as well as his instructions into how we provide our legal services. Naturally, communication together with an intimate and close relationship with our clients plays a key role in this approach.


“Fostering cultural heritage means cultivating your own person.”
Jaromír Císař

We have long been very particular about the high level of our office culture, following up on the refinement that had always been associated with legal professionals. Related to this is also the frequently underestimated interconnection between our work and the cultural context, both Czech and international. We therefore proactively foster Czech cultural heritage and seek to present the uniqueness of Czech culture, both inside the country and abroad. The BOHEMIAN HERITAGE FUND, which we set up in 2009, pursues this dimension.


“International relations, commerce, and law do not reside separately; rather, they offer a number of synergies.”
Pavel Smutný

As long as our firm has been in existence, we have always known how to find our way around in the domestic and international milieus. Our involvement in the public sphere boosts our morale and enhances our authority with our partners. Only public discussion makes it possible to vindicate the value of our attitudes and opinions. This is also one of the reasons why our law firm is a member of several foreign chambers of commerce. Since 2009, one of our members, Pavel Smutný, has been the President of the Czech-Israeli Mutual Chamber of Commerce, an institution whose social and political radius is continuously expanding.