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The gentlemanly Profesor Češka

In 1993, the CÍSAŘ, ČEŠKA, SMUTNÝ law firm was born.

Professor Zdeněk Češka, former Rector of Charles University in Prague, a legend of Czech procedural law and a co-author of the original draft of civil procedure rules (these civil procedure rules are still followed in their amended wording), was working with Mr Bruna at that time. But he also fell for the idea outlined by his former, and also well-liked, students. He decided to help them, at least initially; he would then retire from the practice. But he has been part of the practice to this day, which says a lot about the firm’s culture and integration. In 1993, the CÍSAŘ, ČEŠKA, SMUTNÝ law firm was born. But it was in for quite difficult beginnings.

Initially, the three lawyers were working with only one secretary as their firm was not any bigger. “At first, we made money only for her and for the rent. At that time I was still working at the law school and so had another source of income,” recalls a smiling Jaromír Císař. Their offices were located in Pernerova Street in Prague. “We faced the prospect of many difficult years spent building the firm. We were only investing, enjoyed no prestige, and in fact collected no significant fees. But we held together and believed in the future,” Pavel Smutný concedes openly. But the practice met with success soon and its financial performance climbed to excellent figures.

It was in particular Professor Češka who determined the initial direction of the firm’s development. He was, and still is capable of a perfect insight into judges’ thinking and so the firm became, quite logically, a litigation practice. “However, we ourselves could not behave as judges. We had to defend the clients’ interest at any cost and look for the best avenues to see justice served, aware that frequently relationships played a role rather than law. But I have never been in a situation of representing the unworthy,” says Profesor Češka. “We were also aware at all times that one of the obligations of the law firm is to rear young solicitors. We have never slackened in this respect,” he adds.