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Císař, Češka, Smutný

Democracy, rule of law, and justice: these are not empty words, at least not for us. We defend and promote these values. This is how we can serve our clients best. We set up our practice animated by this conviction twenty years ago, and time has only vindicated this. In providing our services, we are motivated by respect for tradition on the one hand and a desire for innovation on the other hand, while keeping our eyes open. This is the only way we can offer a dimension that makes a difference in problem solving, a dimension consisting in total comprehensiveness. We are aware that in a complex and changing world, no other approach is viable any more.


Our principles

Since our firm was founded in 1993, we have followed certain guiding principles that open up a new dimension in the handling of our clients’ legal issues. For us, these principles constitute a committed standard of legal services.